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Channel Name Language Type
STV English FTA
UTV English FTA
BBC One London English FTA
BBC World News English FTA
BBC Two English FTA
BBC Four English FTA
BBC News English FTA
BBC Parliament English FTA
CNN English FTA
SKY News English FTA
5 USA English FTA
Channel 5 English FTA
France 24 English FTA
CCTV News English FTA
Russia Today English FTA
I Film English English FTA
CCTV 9 Documentary English FTA
Viva English FTA
Hidayah TV English FTA
NRT Kurdish FTA
NRT 2 Kurdish FTA
Rudaw Kurdish FTA
Kurdsat TV HD Kurdish FTA
Kurdsat News HD Kurdish FTA
Kurdistan TV Kurdish FTA
Kurdistan 24 Kurdish FTA
Gali Kurdistan TV Kurdish FTA
Speda TV Kurdish FTA
Kurdmax Sorani Kurdish FTA
Waar TV Kurdish FTA
Badinan TV Kurdish FTA
Rega TV Kurdish FTA
Payam TV Kurdish FTA
Bangawaz TV Kurdish FTA
Zagros Kurdish FTA
Newroz Kurdish FTA
Kirkuk TV Kurdish FTA
Korek TV Kurdish FTA
KNN Channel Kurdish FTA
Ronahi Tv Kurdish FTA
Cira TV Kurdish FTA
Amozhgary TV Kurdish FTA
Sterk TV Kurdish FTA
Komala TV Kurdish FTA
Med Nuce Kurdish FTA
Med Music Kurdish FTA
VIN TV Kurdish FTA
TRT Kurdi Kurdish FTA
Net TV Kurd Kurdish FTA
Kurdmax Pepule Kurdish FTA
Pelistank Kurdish FTA
One Damla TV Kurdish FTA
Farkli TV Kurdish FTA
Evin TV Kurdish FTA
Denge TV Kurdish FTA
Ishtar TV Kurdish FTA
TV 10 Kurdish FTA
TRT 1 Turkish FTA
GEM TV Persian FTA
TRT Haber Turkish FTA
ATV Turkish FTA
Show TV Turkish FTA
Star TV Turkish FTA
Kanal D Turkish FTA
FOX TV Turkish FTA
TV 8 Turkish FTA
TV 8.5 Turkish FTA
BBC Persian Persian FTA
NTV Turkish FTA
CNN Turk Turkish FTA
Bloomberg HT Turkish FTA
HaberTurk Turkish FTA
Bakhtar Music Persian FTA
24 TV Turkish FTA
A Haber Turkish FTA
TGRT Haber Turkish FTA
Persian Movie Persian FTA
TLC Turkish FTA
Show Max Turkish FTA
360 TV Turkish FTA
TV2 Turkish FTA
Beyaz TV Turkish FTA
Flash TV Turkish FTA
Akilli TV Turkish FTA
Farsi 1 Persian FTA
TM TV Persian FTA
Manoto 1 Persian FTA
Iran Bmarz Persian FTA
Modern Economy Persian FTA
Shabakeh 7 Persian FTA
Cartoon Network Turkish FTA
Mohabat TV Persian FTA
MinikaGo Turkish FTA
HOD HOD Farsi Persian FTA
Ganj e Hozour TV Persian FTA
Minika Cocuk Turkish FTA
Planet Cocuk Turkish FTA
FACE 1 Persian FTA
TRT Okul Turkish FTA
TV 4 Turkish FTA
TRT Cocuk Turkish FTA
Angel TV Persian FTA
Disney Channel Turkish FTA
NTV Spor Turkish FTA
TRT 3 Spor Turkish FTA
PMC Persian FTA
Persian Star 1 Persian FTA
Persian Star 2 Persian FTA
FB TV Turkish FTA
Sports TV Turkish FTA
Pars TV Persian FTA
ICC TV Persian FTA
Kanal 7 Turkish FTA
Halk TV Turkish FTA
Kanal Avrupa Turkish FTA
Vatan TV Turkish FTA
Ulusal TV Turkish FTA
Ulke Tv Turkish FTA
BenguTurk TV Turkish FTA
Biat TV Turkish FTA
Kanal A Turkish FTA
Kanal B Turkish FTA
Karadeniz Turk Turkish FTA
Cay TV Turkish FTA
Kackar TV Turkish FTA
Negah e Shoma Persian FTA
Kanal 28 Giresun Turkish FTA
Kalameh Farsi Persian FTA
Yaban TV Turkish FTA
Khatereh TV Persian FTA
Nex 1 Persian FTA
TRT Belgesel Turkish FTA
Iran MN TV Persian FTA
TGRT Belgesel Turkish FTA
Ciftci Tv Turkish FTA
Iran FM TV Persian FTA
Koy TV Turkish FTA
Tarim Turk Tv Turkish FTA
TRT Muzik Turkish FTA
Kral TV Turkish FTA
Kral Pop TV Turkish FTA
Dream Turk Turkish FTA
Viva TV Turkish FTA
Dream TV Turkish FTA
NR1 Turk Turkish FTA
Genc TV Turkish FTA
Mavi Karadeniz Turkish FTA
Bereket TV Turkish FTA
Cem Tv Turkish FTA
Ekin Turk Tv Turkish FTA
Meltem TV Turkish FTA
Mesaj TV Turkish FTA
TVT Turkish FTA
Semerkand TV Turkish FTA
TRT Diyanet Turkish FTA
Nur TV Turkish FTA
Simaye Azadi Persian FTA
Kabe TV Turkish FTA
Hilal TV Turkish FTA
TV5 Turkish FTA
Kanal T Turkish FTA
Planet Pembe Turkish FTA
Planet Mutfak Turkish FTA
Planet Turk Turkish FTA
Sihhat TV Turkish FTA
IMC TV Turkish FTA
Turkiyem TV Malatya Turkish FTA
Seymen TV Turkish FTA
Ucan Kus TV Turkish FTA
Vuslat TV Malatya Turkish FTA
Yol TV Turkish FTA
KRT TV Turkish FTA
TV 1 Turkish FTA
Olay TV Turkish FTA
Gaziantep Olay TV Turkish FTA
Sivas Srt TV Turkish FTA
Kon TV Turkish FTA
Akdeniz TV Turkish FTA
Kanal Urfa Turkish FTA
Kanal 33 Turkish FTA
Kayseri TV Turkish FTA
Kanal 3 Turkish FTA
BRT 1 KKTC Turkish FTA
BRT 2 KKTC Turkish FTA
Kibris TV Turkish FTA
Kibris Ada TV Turkish FTA
Kibris Genc TV Turkish FTA
Tek Rumeli TV Turkish FTA
Aksu TV Turkish FTA
Line TV Turkish FTA
Anadolu Yurdum TV Turkish FTA
France 24 French FTA
BFM Business French FTA
D17 French Scrambled
TV5Monde Maghreb Orient French FTA
TV5 Monde Europe French FTA
CCTV French French FTA
ITele French Scrambled
LCP French Scrambled
Das Erste German FTA
ZDF German FTA
RTL German FTA
RTL 2 German FTA
Sat 1 German FTA
Prosieben German FTA
Kabel Eins German FTA
VOX German FTA
RTL Nitro German FTA
3 Sat German FTA
arte German FTA
TLC German FTA
Tec Time TV German FTA
TELE 5 German FTA
Sat 1 Gold German FTA
Prosieben Maxx German FTA
Super RTL German FTA
Kika German FTA
Nickelodeon German FTA
Disney Channel German FTA
hr-Fernsehen German FTA
NTV German FTA
Sport 1 German FTA
Canal 24 Horas Spanish FTA
Tve Internacional Europa Spanish FTA
Pink Folk 1 Serbian FTA
HRT 4 Croatian FTA
Kanali 7 Albanian FTA
Elrodi Albanian FTA
Folk+ Albanian FTA
TV Shqiptar Albanian FTA
Africa TV1 Afrikaans FTA
Africa TV2 Afrikaans FTA
Africa TV3 Afrikaans FTA
Africa TV4 Afrikaans FTA
Africa 24 TV Afrikaans FTA
Nollywood Afrikaans Scrambled
Ait International Afrikaans Scrambled
Kana TV Afrikaans FTA
Oromiya TV Afrikaans FTA
El Mouritania Afrikaans FTA
Press TV Afrikaans FTA
EOTC Afrikaans FTA
Amhara TV Afrikaans FTA
El Shaddai Afrikaans FTA
Adiss TV Afrikaans FTA
CJ TV Afrikaans FTA
Royal Somali TV Afrikaans FTA
ORTM Afrikaans FTA
TFM Afrikaans FTA
ES TV Afrikaans FTA
RTS 1 Afrikaans FTA
ETV Afrikaans FTA
ETV 3 Afrikaans FTA
ERI TV Afrikaans FTA
Kalsan TV Afrikaans FTA
RTD Djbouti Afrikaans FTA
SNTV HB Afrikaans FTA
Daludug Puntland Afrikaans FTA
HC TV Afrikaans FTA
Somali Land National TV Afrikaans FTA
Universal Somali TV Afrikaans FTA
Somali Cable Afrikaans FTA
Zing TV Indian FTA
Sony Sab TV Indian FTA
Colors TV Indian FTA
ABP News Indian FTA
Rishtey Indian FTA
Aajtak TV Indian FTA
B4U Movies Indian Scrambled
B4U Music Indian FTA
And TV Indian FTA
ARY Q TV Pakistani FTA
Geo TV Pakistani FTA
Geo News Pakistani FTA
Hum TV Pakistani FTA
Samaa TV Pakistani FTA
Dunya TV Pakistani FTA
Peace TV Pakistani FTA
Az TV Azerbaijanese FTA
Azad Azerbaycan Azerbaijanese FTA
Idman Azerbaycan Azerbaijanese FTA
Gunesh TV Azerbaijanese FTA
InterAz Azerbaijanese FTA
Ictimai TV Azerbaijanese FTA
Lider TV Azerbaijanese FTA
Region TV Azerbaijanese FTA
Alternativ TV Azerbaijanese FTA
T TV Azerbaijanese FTA
Space TV Azerbaijanese FTA
Dunya TV Azerbaijanese FTA
Armenia 1 TV Armenian FTA
Armenia TV Europe Armenian FTA
Shant TV Armenian FTA
Kentron TV Armenian FTA

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